Jem and the Holograms #19 is the 19th issue of the Jem and the Holograms comic book, published by IDW Publishing. It was published on September 21st, 2016. It features the first part of the five part story Enter The Stingers.

Official Synopsis

"You thought The Holograms had it rough back when they had to team up with the Misfits?! Well, just wait until they meet the European super group taking the U.S. by storm... The Stingers! Meet Riot, Rapture, Minx, and... RAYA?!?! Whaaaat?"


19 Panel 1 Jerrica, Kimber and Aja are still struggling to come to terms with Shana's decision to leave the band, but are holding auditions for a new drummer to replace her.
At the 5x5 Records recording studio, The Misfits are rehearsing Don't Fade, but it doesn't sound right. Eric tells Elise that the band is just adjusting to the new lineup. 19 Panel 4
Elise gives Eric an ultimatum that if The Misfits don't improve in 48 hours, they will lose their recording contract. Eric breaks the news to Pizzazz, and suggests that they just drop Blaze, but Pizzazz argues that that's not how it works, that they need to explore something new with their sound.

19 Panel 2 The Holograms' auditions do not go well - the girls don't like any of the auditioners - but Elise tells them they have to choose one. Jem follows Elise into the hallway, where she overhears The Stingers rehearsing The Queen in one of the recording studios. Elise tells Jem that she had to bump The Misfits to make room for The Stingers to rehearse. Pizzazz, overhearing the conversation, starts an altercation with Jem.
The Stingers, seeing the argument, come out of the recording booth, and Riot introduces himself to Jem. Later, Elise tries to apologise to The Stingers for having to witness the altercation between Jem and Pizzazz. Riot tells Elise that the band will sign exclusively to 5x5 Records on the condition that they drop The Misfits. Pizzazz, overhearing, declares war. 19 Panel 3


Holograms Icon The Holograms Jerrica, Kimber, Aja, Shana
Misfits Icon The Misfits Pizzazz, Stormer, Roxy, Jetta, Blaze
Stingers Icon The Stingers Riot, Rapture, Minx, Raya
Side Characters Flag Side Characters Elise, Eric

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Performers Song
Misfits Icon The Misfits Don't Fade
Stingers Icon The Stingers The Queen

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Easter Eggs

Untitled 3 Rilakkuma Kimber has a Rilakkuma (relaxed bear) bag.
Rilakkuma is a character by Japanese company San-X.

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