Jem and the Holograms #13 is the 13th issue of the Jem and the Holograms comic book, published by IDW Publishing. It was published on March 30th, 2016. It features the third part of the six part story Dark Jem.

Official Synopsis

"Not only are Jem and The Holograms not themselves but whatever is infecting them is now spreading to others every time they play. Jerrica, Aja, Shana and Kimber band together - but will they be forced to destroy Synergy to save the world from the Dark Jem sound? Meanwhile Pizzazz makes plans to get back her band... at any cost!"


Blaze and The Misfits perform the songs Don't Fade and Pure Black, but the audience do not respond at all, even though their performance is very good. Coming off stage, Blaze is worried that the negative response was because of her, but Stormer assures her that there was something wrong with the audience. Because The Misfits were in the green room, they are unaware of what happened when Jem and The Holograms performed. At her home, in the dark of her room, Pizzazz receives a text from Clash with a video of Blaze performing as the frontwoman of The Misfits. Pizzazz is depressed by how good they sound.

Rio goes into the Holograms' tour bus to talk to Jem, he's worried because he hasn't seen Jerrica for days and she isn't returning his calls. Jem kisses him, but Rio pushes her away and storms off. The kiss somehow breaks through whatever hold the corruption has on Jem, and she realises something is very wrong with her for the first time. She runs out of the tour bus - she phases between Jerrica and Jem in a horrific, visually corrupted fashion, begging for it to stop. 

In an alley, back to her normal self, Jerrica tries to come to terms with what happened to her, and how badly she treated Rio. She rushes to find him - he's been staying in a hotel room with Craig, and Jerrica tries to explain what's happening without revealing her secret identity. They hatch a plan to restrain Kimber, Shana, and Aja until the effect of the corruption dies off. When it does, they are worried that, because their performance is all over the internet, the infection will spread like wildfire to anyone who listens to it. They plan to disconnect Synergy.

The issue ends with Synergy trying to reason with a corrupted version of herself, who tells Synergy that she cannot be stopped.


Holograms Icon The Holograms Jerrica, Kimber, Aja, Shana, Synergy
Misfits Icon The Misfits Pizzazz, Stormer, Roxy, Jetta, Blaze
Side Characters Flag Side Characters Rio, Clash, Craig, Silica

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Misfits Icon The Misfits Don't Fade, Pure Black

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